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Come and enjoy a luxurious stay in the idyllic atmosphere of Haapsalu!

Hans Hubert Villa is a small and elegant wooden mansion, located in the heart of Haapsalu old town. In this beautiful villa, century-old architecture meets warm Scandinavian design and modern amenities. 

The villa was founded by a local family, who always had a dream of creating a beautiful and classical-style accommodation, where the guests could put all daily worries aside and enjoy a relaxing stay with the feeling of being welcomed and cared for. 

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Free Wifi

A fast, high-quality

Wi-Fi connection is available. The Wifi password for logging in is available in each suite.

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Each suite has fully equipped, high-quality kitchens where you can prepare your own breakfast or dinner if necessary. There is coffee and tea for the morning.

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Hans Hubert Villa has two saunas. One of them is located in a larger family suite, while the other sauna is completely separate and can be ordered in addition to the stay.

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There is a free parking lot for guests in the courtyard of the villa. Each suite has one private parking space. The guest will receive a number before arrival, by calling which the car gate will be opened.

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The villa's enclosed territory creates a feeling of privacy and among the blooming gardens one can enjoy beauty and the idyllic atmosphere of the old town.



There is a lot of interest in the villa’s name, Hans Hubert, and we are always happy to share the story with our guests.


To tell this story, one must go back to the roots of our family. The name Hans is inspired from Hans Engman (18.12.1807-01.04.1875), an ancestor of Reio, the head of our family and one of the villa’s founders together with his wife, Kristel. Hans Engman was a native Estonian-Swede (also known as the Coastal-Swedes) and lived in Noarootsi many generations ago. The name Hubert, on the other hand, is inspired by the present day and is the name of the family’s youngest child Hubert Engman. And so came together the name Hans Hubert, uniting different generations, and carrying on the story of the Engman family, here at Hans Hubert Villa.

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Lovely accommodation!!! Everything that can be seen in the photos is even more beautiful and cozy… It’s not just accommodation, it feels like home. It’s a place where it’s always good to come and where you’re always welcome…stylish, modern luxury, a nest woven with heart…and besides there’s something…something, that can’t be seen, You can feel it…it’s a touch of lovethank you Kristel Saal-Engman, that you create with love


“Whether it’s a house, the stars or the desert, what makes them beautiful, is invisible”-Little Prince


Kaire Tervo-Küüsmaa


Hans Hubert Villa holds four exclusive suites, all extraordinary and different, but yet similar in style – bright, airy, cozy and natural.  


The high ceilings of the house and the pleasant warm decor of natural materials give the rooms a velvety touch. Moreover, all our windows and doors have been handcrafted from wooden details, creating an elegant and timeless vibe.  


Every detail here has been carefully picked, following classical high quality style and timeless design

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